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Terms and Conditions for Advertisers on YOURDOMAIN.COM

The following constitute Terms and Conditions involved in submitting advertising to be published on web pages hosted at YOURDOMAIN.COM:

By submitting and paying for advertising space through CREATIVE ONLINE MARKETING, LLC (COMLLC), a wholly owned branch of Ogilby Advertising, located in Sarasota, Florida, you are accepting these Terms and Conditions. The following Terms and Conditions apply to every corporate and non-corporate advertising entity ("ADVERTISER") seeking to purchase advertising space on internet website pages hosted at the domain YOURDOMAIN.COM ("YDC").

ADVERTISER can direct or "link" viewer traffic to its own website(s), thereby increasing sales and brand awareness. Advertising appearing on YDC may be purchased from COMLLC on a CPM (Cost Per Thousand Page Views) or Sponsorship basis. Contact COMLLC for availability, pricing and details.

Advertising will be accepted, and, as it becomes available, premium advertising space will be released, on a first-come, first-serve basis. Advertising rates are to be pre-paid monthly unless otherwise noted on contract. Advertising must be paid in advance or ADVERTISER must have a prior credit approval by COMLLC. Bills for non-prepaid advertising are due and payable 30 (thirty) days after they are received. Accounts unpaid 5 (five) or more business days will be considered to be in default and incur a 10% (ten-percent) late charge. Advertising of accounts in default may be removed from the website and may or may not be eligible for replacement at the discretion of COMLLC. Payments will be credited to the oldest outstanding balance first.

Payments for prepaid advertising are to be by check or credit card via PayPal unless other arrangements have been made with COMLLC. Checks are to be made payable to Creative Online Marketing LLC, and mailed to: 242 S. Washington Blvd., #323, Sarasota, FL 34236. Contact us if you wish to transmit funds via PayPal. For credit information call (800) 998-2523 or fax COMLLC at (941) 954-3749.

COMLLC will refuse the placement of Spyware on any client web-site(s), including YDC. A partial definition of Spyware is a software based trigger or program that monitors a computer usage, sends information about the computer usage to a remote computer or server, displays or causes to be displayed, an advertisement in response to the computer's usage without the knowledge or approval of the user. Approved animated GIF or Flash files are acceptable. If Flash is used, the advertiser must also include an animated GIF to be viewed when a user doesn't have Flash on their computer.

COMLLC and YDC reserve the right to review web site(s) owned by ADVERTISER, or linked to by ADVERTISER, at any time, before or after ad placement, to determine whether they are deemed "site aggregators" and reserve the right to reject advertising that is deemed competitive or contrary to their best interests. Generally, a site aggregator is viewed as a site that acts as a portal/destination site containing content and advertising from multiple entities.

Any ADVERTISER purchasing advertising space from COMLLC to appear on any client's website, including YDC, must have either their company's registered URL or their legal name in at least one of the frames of the ad. Under no circumstances will advertising be accepted without such identification of ADVERTISER. ADVERTISER agrees to be responsible to third parties for the content of advertisements placed. In the event that COMLLC and/or YDC becomes liable to any third party as a result of an advertisement, ADVERTISER agrees to indemnify one or both of them for damages owed to the third party and for the fees and costs associated with the controversy.

Advertising on YDC is limited to consumer goods or services. YDC expressly prohibits political, religious, or sexually oriented advertisements. YDC does not accept online advertising for massage, escort services, astrology, (900) numbers, gambling, alcohol (including beer and wine), tobacco, NC-17 or X-rated movies, or any site deemed to contain pornographic material. Neither COMLLC nor YDC will knowingly accept advertising for any book, motion picture or product involved in pending litigation or cause to be published any advertising content known to be, or suspected to be, in violation of copyright law.

All advertising is subject to approval from COMLLC and from YDC regarding subject matter, form-size, wording, illustrations, animation and typography. Both COMLLC and YDC reserve the right to edit, reject or cancel any advertisement at any time, before or after placement.

COMLLC and YDC reserve the right to change, amend or eliminate advertising policies with 30 (thirty) days advance notice. Submitting an advertisement for publication or distribution represents agreement by ADVERTISER to abide by the above policies of COMLLC.

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